Samsung Gear: A Smart Wristwatch That Can Also Be Your Smartphone

One thing that nobody can talk about Samsung is that she does not test the possibilities of the market. Just see the slew of smartphones offered by company. And by the way the same will be done with the smartwatches. In a year, Samsung released just six of them. And the Samsung Gear S is the youngest of the family.

Let’s review the extensive portfolio of smart wristwatches from Samsung. A year ago, in 2013, IFA presented the Korean Samsung Galaxy Gear. Months later, during the Mobile World Congress, january 3: the came Gear, Gear 2 2 Neo and Gear Fit, all running the operating system Citizen. And, recently, it was the turn of the Gear Live, the only one of them running Android Wear from Google.

Samsung says that the newly-announced Gear is the first of the third generation of smart watches the company. Inside, it features dual-core processor 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of storage. It has IP67 certification, i.e., it is resistant to water and dust.

The Gear’s stands out for using a Super AMOLED screen that covers a large part of your wrist. Like Garmin Forerunner smartwatch (on, the Gear Fit was using this type of display but in Gear S things got bigger – now are two inches. He is really great.

It runs the Citizen, turned the big bet of the Samsung wearable world. The curved screen does not interfere at all in usability compared to other smartwatches the line Gear (except, of course, Gear Live, which runs Android Wear). From the home screen with the hours – that can be customized — you can slide your finger from left to right to find notifications. With the opposite movement-from right to left – you can find shortcuts to some information, like pedometer, heart rate or time. The top of the screen down, shortcut to settings-you can put the Gear in silent mode from there. And, from the bottom to the top, find the list of apps installed on the appliance.

Notifications can either be pulled from smartphones (only Samsung Galaxy line) and own the Gear S. Anyway, he has input of SIM card and therefore works also as a smartphone.Receive and make calls on it, use the internet without the need for an auxiliary device. The Gear’s works independently. Pulse is a smartphone! The question is whether people are willing to buy a SIM card and have one more line and Bill just to enjoy it in this condition.

The bracelet of the Gear is removable, as well as the Gear 2. This is always a good option, as it gives users the ability to use the bracelet you wish (provided, of course, that it is done to the Gear’s).

The Gear release prediction is for October, as well as the Galaxy Note 4, and that including Brazil. However, the Samsung still did not set the price of the appliance.

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