Samsung Gear: A Smart Wrist Watch With 3 G Connection And That Makes Calls

Samsung announced the Gear’s a smartwatch clock with independent data connection that does not require a smartphone. And Yes, he can make phone calls directly from your wrist.But we don’t get very excited about it.

The Samsung Gear’s own dual-core processor 1 GHz, two-inch Super AMOLED screen with 360 x 480 resolution, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. It has IP67 certification, i.e., it is resistant to water and dust.

It also includes a set of sensors, including GPS and heart rate monitor. Inside, we found a (very small) battery 300 mAh that promises to last for two days of “typical use”.

This is not an Android device Wear, however: it runs Citizen, as well as the Gear Fit/Gear 2/original Gear. He brings a few cool apps like navigation to walk from HERE Maps and the Nike + Running to track your physical activity – only the Google ecosystem is certainly bigger.

And we have the main data connection: 2 g, 3 g and Wi-Fi. That doesn’t mean the Gear S wants to replace your smartphone: it still connects via Bluetooth to the phone but, with own connection, it can receive notifications even when you’re away from him. Samsung says that the Gear S can also receive direct links on the wrist, is the chip itself, is of your smartphone.

Even then, we are very excited: we have here a device without Android Wear, without removable strap with small battery-less until the new LG G Watch R -and that will probably not be compatible with non-Galaxy devices (Samsung still doesn’t talk about the subject). Is he good in spite of it all? The SOCIETYPICALLY will be in the IFA fair to find out LG G Watch R.

Samsung also announced the Gear Circle, Bluetooth headset for use with Gear or with your smartphone. It has a vibrating alert, and a magnetic latch on headphones-to stay in the neck when not being used.

Both products will be launched globally starting in October, when your price will be announced. To learn more: [Samsung]