Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Inductive Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Inductive Charging

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a Smartphone with many special functions and features. You have looked at today once more inductive load and the special function and explain how this works and what possibilities it opens up.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge can be loaded inductively. This is done with the device via a coil in the back of the unit where it is placed on a compatible Inductive charging station. This assumes the use of an optional charging station with Wireless charging technology from Samsung. The SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 edge supports the Wireless charging standards of the PMA (power matters Alliance) and of the WPC (wireless power Consortium).

The battery quick charger uses a technology that charges the battery using a higher performance faster. For use, the user must connect his device for quick loading on a battery charger, which supports the adaptive rapid charging and quick batch 2.0. Included a Samsung fast charger (EP TA20EWEUGWW) is also available. That new fast charging reduces the dwell time at the outlet: 10 minutes loading enough already for several hours use. And the battery is not empty, enough to charge him fully 80 minutes on the charger. However, the values can be different depending on the charge level, phone configuration, environmental conditions and user behavior.

And finally it’s about edge even with the cameras of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 moments. Thanks to the very-high-power lenses, you can make good pictures even in moderate light. The user receives support from the main camera optical image stabilizer, which brings under difficult shooting conditions peace and this sharpness in the image. On moving subjects, the tracking auto focus intervenes and automatically maintains the sharpness when shooting. And because great photo moments mostly not of long duration, the camera mode is started normally in less than a second.

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