Samsung GALAXY Gear – Created and Tested!

Next to the brand new flagship device Samsung GALAXY touch 3, presented on time also his latest Smartwatch called GALAXY gear Samsung at IFA (unpacked event – episode 2). The clock is connected to the Samsung GALAXY Smartphone or Tablet via Bluetooth and can access so many smart features.

The touch screen is a 1.63-inch super AMOLED display, which resolves with 320 x 320 pixels. Furthermore, Samsung has accommodated a 1.9 megapixel camera and two microphones and a speaker in the Samsung GALAXY gear. The Smartwatch is driven incidentally by a 800 MHz processor, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of internal memory to the page are. The choice of materials, Samsung has opted for a rugged metal front, as well as for a plastic bracelet. Of course technology needs their place, so much which leads to 36.8 x 56.6 x 11.1 mm and a weight of 73.8 g dimensions. What’s the battery life, promises at least a whole day Samsung, and talks of 25 + hours endurance. To cover the personal taste, Samsung offers hours in six different colors Jet Black, mocha gray, wild Orange, oatmeal beige, Rose Gold and Lime Green.

Software features

The Samsung GALAXY gear can notify the user about all incoming or missed notifications. Including SMS text messages, calls, emails or calendar alerts are among the possible notifications. By means of the smart relay function can be messages or other content that have been consider just on the clock in the small format directly on the Smartphone read more. To do this, it is sufficient to pick up your phone out of your pocket – and already you get the same content as on the gear of the GALAXY. By the way you can also call with the Samsung GALAXY gear without having to pull your phone out of your pocket. The conversation can attend to over the clock as this a separate hands-free speakerphone built into the clock. By means of two built-in microphones, trouble-free conversations should be possible. You can also record voice memos so.

The integrated camera is operated via the Memographer function. You can hereby record photos and videos in HD (720 p). The quality is likely file more for snapshots, only a 1.9 megapixel sensor has been installed. What speaks for the camera on the wrist, but is quickly ready for use, because so fast as you shot a photo with the Samsung GALAXY gear, you can not pull its Smartphone out of the Pocket.

In addition to Pebble smart watches listed on hartselleclothing, the Samsung GALAXY gear with specially developed apps can be extended. Already started the market Samsung has brought some well-known partners on board themselves: among other things, eBay, EverNote, banjo, Glympse, TripIt and Vivino. Of course, there are also fitness apps like RunKeeper or MyFitnessPal aboard that can provide more current calories burned, distance, and miscellaneous. To keep the data accurate, Samsung of the GALAXY gear has bought a pedometer, so a step counter.

Tried: first impression

Also from the Samsung GALAXY gear, Samsung had distributed many demo units at yesterday’s event at its presentation booth. So I had the opportunity to create the clock once, and individually, as well as in connection with the Samsung GALAXY to try note 3. But we come first to the watch itself. This has a very attractive appearance, and in my opinion a very good workmanship. The metal case with a brushed aluminum look makes a good impression, as well as the stable-looking plastic bracelet. The size of the clock should just for people with smaller wrists, no matter man or woman, be problematic, or some getting look, because the clock is anything but small. Prepared for my wrist the watch, however, no problems, and the the demo unit fit like a glove.

The menu navigation on the Samsung GALAXY gear can be described as intuitive. The watch about woke is the only physical button on the right side of the housing. The operation itself takes place with the Super-AMOLED touchscreen. Side swipe gesture enough to scroll through the main menu, select a program reaches a pressure on the respective icon. The operation goes liquid by outfit and is self-explanatory in most cases. The clock is configured via the settings menu as well as the special gear application, on the Samsung GALAXY note 3 and note 10.1 (2014 Edition) is already installed. Note 2, other devices like the Samsung GALAXY 10.1, as well as the GALAXY S4 in the course of October also support for GALAXY gear to get.

Since I already am one of the first hour the Smartwatch users (I already had the first Sony Ericsson MBW100), the Samsung GALAXY gear for me is an interesting concept. Exciting is how the battery life in the real world and whether you can really use the functions of the Smartwatch described to facilitate the everyday life of smartphone usage. A more interesting question is the price of Samsung GALAXY gear, this can be crucial to the success or failure of the Smartwatch.


The Samsung GALAXY gear will be at the same time note 3 in over 140 countries worldwide with the Samsung GALAXY. Samsung speaks of a global delivery from 25 September 2013. This is so at least it can be expected that Samsung GALAXY gear from October 2013 in trade is likely to be. Prices, Samsung held unfortunately covered in this unit. I type but is that to launch is no matter too cheap.