Roaming Charges in the EU Should Be Gone Within One Year

The European Commission has made a great progress towards the Elimination of roaming charges within the EU.

The European telecommunications market is simplified and roaming charges should be eliminated, if it was up to the EU Commission.

If you have traveled through Europe and had the need to speak in mobile phone or check his mail, I could not avoid to have become acquainted with the concept of roaming. The fee you pay to use the telecommunications network in another country.

In the EU there are around 100 telecom operators, while in the United States is only about four, which puts some restrictions on freedom of movement within the EU.

The EU’s 27 Commissioners last week voted for a proposal that will pave the way for the abolition of just roaming charges on voice calls, sms and data.

A source in Brussels said according to our site, the Commissioners are aiming for that duty will be abolished at the same time next year.