Reader for Android Is Renewed, with Some Bugs

Yesterday, from the official Google mobile blog announced the new version of the quintessential feed reader. It looks great and comes with some new features.

The first of these is the widget in the form of folder with a counter, choose any feed, label, person who you follow or even all of them together and placed on your desktop an icon with a pending news updated counter for reading. If you click on the icon will take you to the reading of the news.

Another is the wide widget with Preview, get more info from your feeds you’ve still not read with this widget that is changing the news shows, same as above, if you click on it will take you to the same for reading.

Something very requested is the new button to Mark as read, If you scroll down in the list of unread news will mark that you’ve left behind as read.

Translation to the Russian, OK, it seems to me to be perfect, but when the Spanish, there are more users of Reader Russian than Spanish speakers?

Not all are advantages which brings this new version of the Reader, since they complain in the comments of the own application of its very slow When updating widgets and open to the news, in addition to forced closures by loading flash. On the other hand it seems that either you can move the application to the SD card to save space.

Under my own experience with the application, I have to say that I will like a shot and I appreciated none of the failures that I have set out here. It is also true that apparently the problems occur when upgrading from the previous version and I have installed it from scratch.

Google Reader for Android is available on the Market starting from the version 1.6, still them widgets for the 2.2 or higher. I already have it installed and I think that it will be one of the most used of my humble Magic applications.