Puls: A Smart Device (And Large) For Your Wrist Getting Calls And Play Music

In April, the musician and entrepreneur will.i.am showed for the first time your smart bracelet, similar to a smartwatch clock, which makes phone calls and even plays music.Now, he is ready to reveal more details: meet the Puls.

Don’t call it a watch: will.i.am says this is a bracelet. “Watches have no cell phone chip,” he says. This allows the Puls make calls and send SMS; It also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.You can check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, get directions, and talk to the wizard AneedA, a new competitor to the crab. Oh, and you can charge the battery using a special jacket. That’s that.

When I saw the Puls, the first thing that came to mind was: this thing is bulky. My wrists are not thin, but when I put it on-it opens like a clamshell, and closes using magnets-it still looked great.

This is not necessarily a bad thing! After all, he is a bracelet. But one of the greatest challenges for wearables is to achieve a balance between fashion accessory and item of technology. I.am + company bet in this concept of “fashionology” (fashion and technology), and you want to create more products like this. However, not everyone will want to use something as flashy.

Will.i.am says he created the concept of this bracelet with Android, and did something different from other companies. Instead of squeezing all the hardware behind the curved screen, everything is distributed uniformly inside the Puls. This includes 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, the battery, the speakers, the chipset and the SIM card.

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the keyboard appear. He is incredibly tiny, but did an admirable job in predicting what I wanted to type.

Beyond my brief hands-on in the Puls, talked with will.i.am on his vision for this product.

Fashion and technology are two industries notoriously unstable. Tell a little more about this concept of “fashionology”, and how you want to join these two worlds.

Various accessories I suggest that they should do something. The earrings that you are using, for example. Are amazing earrings. My head says: “imagine if they were headphones”. So, when you see the technology, you think: “Wow, this is amazing. I wish he had a visual amazing also. ” This is because these are two subjects that were not disciplined to collaborate.Are two worlds so trapped in your grandeur that they don’t want to cooperate.

I’m in the middle. I love fashion – went to college it, including – but I love technology-and recommend to young people who do College it. The only place in the world of wearables where people are using the imagination is in the wrist. It’s like saying that everyone in the world just want to play congos.

  1. But the Puls is also a wrist wearable. How’d you get it?

Based on SHOPAREVIEW, the LG G Watch R doesn’t need a smartphone to work. Why have a device that does not need the cell phone? The Academy. I’m tired of having to deal with wires and with my cell phone, and where to put them, to listen to music. I want to have a device on my wrist, where he’s free, and I can work out without problems.

The other question is: how much power he should have? We have 780 milliamps. On an iPhone, are 900? Great. Are 8:00 of autonomy, but I need more. With the mophie [that makes portable batteries] can have more. Jackets, man! Jackets. The sleeves touch the clock and give four days of battery; 4,000 milliamps.

And our backpacks have power and sound. I want her to touch high all the time. The inner part is made of carbon fiber, with a conductive charging on the base, and it connects via Bluetooth to the device to play music.

And you carry the Puls via USB?

No, the device comes with a claw [image below], and it loads in less than 1 hour.

He has a camera?

With the bracelet design, you start to see problems; the answers turn into products. First, who will raise the pulse to take a picture? I don’t want to go out with a guy like that. Let’s face it.So how do you get a picture? With glasses. Let’s make glasses that take pictures. And people take pictures, playing on the wrist and looking.

It’s like the Google Glass?

No. Are just pictures, nothing more.

This is the only way to take pictures? You presented it today too?

That comes later. If you want to take pictures, the smartphone is amazing. Let’s not even try to squeeze here what you can do on a smartphone.

You can make calls, send text messages, but you would have to pay for the plan.You expect people to walk around with the bracelet and the smartphone?

Yes, but it’s so … you have a laptop?


You have a tablet?

Actually, don’t.

Why not?

I spend a lot of time on screens, I didn’t think I needed another one.

So you’re a screenager, just like the rest of us. Other companies call “Millennium generation”.But if they are millenary, who are we? We’re screenagers. Are all people who like screens. Big companies don’t understand popular culture. I understand. Who uses a laptop will use a tablet in a completely different. A person who uses a smartphone uses a totally different Puls.Because he is more useful in certain places: at the gym, when you’re driving. When you receive a phone call at dinner, you won’t find in your purse or Pocket, because your cell phone vibrated but you haven’t. Now it vibrates on your wrist, and only him.

So, if I have a cell phone in your pocket and the Puls on my wrist, I get double notifications, or they are totally separated?

We have a program that we’re ending with the carrier AT & T that will respond directly to that question.

Many people are talking about smartwatches, but far fewer people actually tested. You been wearing a Puls for months. The most outstanding experience?

The speed. For example: I’m going to make a run. Open the music app. [speaks aloud for AneedA] A Tribe Called Quest. Buggin’ Out. AneedA, put it in my collection.

Or driving a car:

Will.i.am says: “thank you very much for the interview, it was very nice, now I’m driving home. And I did all of this using my wrist. “

The wizard translates as: “thank you very much for the interview, it was very nice, now I’m driving home and I offered my wrist”. Almost.

When it will be possible to buy the Puls?

He will be in selected stores from AT & T until the end of the year.