Pleasant Breaks The Market Offering Calls to Zero Cents Per Minute and 1 GB by 7.26 Euros

Mobile Tuenti opened a new and dangerous front last week with the reduction of the price per minute in a new fare but in Exchange for raising the price of the bond data, 1 GB per 8.47 euros, which has given rise to Amena answer with a movement that it disturbs the social network operator.

And is that the response of Amena, I didn’t because having responded because neither Tuenti mobile improved its offer, has been the lower the price of the bond of 1 GB, which today is available by 7.26 euros per month, in addition to continuing to offer calls to zero cents per minute.

Some time it was hoped that Tuenti mobile sales price of your calls, at 3.63 cents per minute since its launch but the arrival of the zero cents the operator was in Exchange for the rise in the price of the bond of 1 GB, something that Amena has taken advantage of now to offer the rate with calls to zero cents with the cheaper giga.

Pleasant just download from the previous 8.47 euros until the 7.26 euros (six euros without VAT) the monthly rate which offers national calls only paying the establishment of call, 15 cents, thus stood as an attractive not only by its section of voice but by the data, and there is no fee with 1 GB of data at that price at the moment.

The movement of the second brand of Orange is not more than the announcement of a new war of rates which you will need to focus on bonus offers of data, which is that newcomers to the zero cents per minute on calls we can only ask either lowers the price of the call set-up, something that seems utopian, or new rates without call set-up.