Pebble Time: The Smart Watch With Color Screen, Voice Responses And 7 Day Battery

and now the small smart wristwatch won a successor. Meet Pebble Time: he is thinner, has a color screen, a microphone and is on Kickstarter.

The new Pebble Team has an e-paper screen is wider and colorful, that still consumes little energy. Your body is a fine line between the original and the Pebble plastic Pebble Steel of stainless steel: it has steel edges on the front and back of plastic.

He also lost weight about of 20%, reaching 9.5 mm thick, so might not grab both Backpack straps or sleeves of shirt as your predecessor. He is also curved, to better accommodate the wrist.

New features

There is a small hole on the right-hand side: is the microphone, which allows you to send voice answers, solving perhaps the biggest deficiency of the Pebble. On Android, you can respond to SMS notifications, Gmail, Facebook Messenger WhatsApp “and hundreds of other apps”; in iOS, you’re limited to Gmail. It is also possible to save voice memos.

He also won an expansion port to, in the future, you connect him bracelets, bringing additional functions straight to clock – which sounds cool and weird at the same time. (The company still did not reveal more details about this.)

The Pebble team doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or anything like that, unfortunately. But even with the new port and the microphone hole, it is waterproof to 5 atm, so it can be used in the shower or pool. The battery is still lasting up to 7 days of use.

You can change the strap of the Pebble team for any standard model of 22 mm. It comes with a silicone bracelet, you can get quickly by pressing a PIN.


The Pebble Team brings a new operating system, webOS, ex-designers to fix some ugly parts of the software that does not have aged very well.

The initial screen will bring together a stream of information, such as weather, counting steps, reminders and latest notifications, rather than stay within specific apps-Android is very similar to the Wear. You use the buttons on the side to move between these information.

All 6,500 clock faces and apps that exist today for the Pebble will work in the new watch. And the new operating system will be taken to the Pebbles in the future old. Just like the previous models, the team is compatible with devices running Android 4.0 or higher and iPhones with iOS 8 or higher.

Thanks to apps of the Jawbone and Businessjust, the LED watches can count their steps and monitor your sleep in the background without requiring a connected smartphone. In addition, you can receive in the Pebble Time notifications of apps compatible with Android Wear.

Price and availability

Overall, the team looks very promising. The Pebble has not lost sight of what makes your smartwatch clock so good – be quite simple – and also brought some necessary resources to respond to competition.

He seems to be more beautiful (which wasn’t saying much!), but we will have to wait to see him in person. It is not difficult to start immediately think about the possibility of a Pebble Time Steel.

The Pebble Team is available at Kickstarter and costs from $159; He will be sent starting in May. The clock is available for purchase in 150 countries including Brazil; the company warns that “you can be responsible for fees and taxes applicable to your region.” Later, it will cost $199 directly of the Pebble. [Kickstarter]