Pebble Team Round Is The Smartwatch Clock That Looks Like A Common Clock

“It looks like a real watch!” said my wife when I showed the new Pebble Team Round for her. She didn’t say the obvious. She meant that, of all the smartwatches that she had ever seen, this was the first that she would consider using.

If you’re not familiar, the Pebble is the little company that really ushered in the smartwatches market. Apple, Google and Samsung tried, but critics generally agree that thePebble produces the best smartwatches. Why? Because they are simpler, affordable and the battery usually last more than a week.

The problem is that all are well squares and have appearance of smartwatch clock. The Pebble Team Round, for your time, it seems a common clock.

According to the Pebble, it’s the smartwatch clock thinner and lighter in the world. Three of them are needed to reach the weight of an Apple Watch of 42 mm. And yet, the Round has the same gut that a Pebble Team Steel — with one notable exception.

Here he is on the side of a Bike 360, watches with the Android system Wear:

The Bike 360 has 11 mm thick, while the Pebble Time Round has mere 7.5 mm.

Here it is next to the Pebble Time Steel:

And here is the new collection Pebble Team Round. Note the length of each Bracelet: while the Pebbles younger came with 22 mm straps, the Round will come with 20 mm straps to a more male, and 14 mm for the female model. Metal bracelets will be available in the future.

OK, but how can a skinny clock like this? The founder and CEO, Eric Migicovsky, blithely explains to me that the only necessary sacrifice to reach this thickness was decreasing the size of the battery. Now, instead of estimated 10 days of drums (for the Pebble Team Steel), the Round has only two. Check for how to buy a watch online.

That’s weird. The battery life is not a strong point? Yes, but Eric argues that for a watch as thin as this, the Exchange is valid – particularly for allowing Pebble take a smartwatches anyone managed to conquer yet. Apple, Motorola and Samsung have thicker and heavy watches that can barely get two days of battery. They won’t be able to decrease its models.

In addition, Eric says that the battery has an ACE in the hole: connect it to energy for 15 minutes gives the clock 12:00 am of autonomy.

Besides, the new Pebble Team Round is basically the same as the Steel. Has the same processor and memory, the same layout with four buttons, the microphone, the same charging cable, and the same stainless steel construction — although he was only mildly resistant to water now. “We do not recommend that you take a bath with him,” says Eric.

It will also work with the smart bracelets that will be released — though Eric admit that there is no deadline to make them available. The Pebble left this product in the hands of manufacturers of accessories, she’s not going to build them.

What about the apps on the screen round? The Pebble has a plan for that, too. There will be an SDK (of course) to help developers migrate their apps and watchfaces to the screen.

Some models of the Round have registered numbers on them corners, which will see the hours analog time much easier.

For the apps of the Timeline, those integrated into the interface of the Pebble-that allow you to scroll up and down, showing information and commitments in the past, present and future – the interface will automatically convert the text to fit better on the screen. Including, he uses the screen better, wasting less space.

The Pebble Round Team hits the market day on November 8 for $250, and is on pre-sale.

But that’s not the only news disclosed by the company. The Pebble Time Steel also can be ordered for those who did not take part in the campaign of the Kickstarter. And the metal bracelet looks pretty cool:

And the company also will bring the Pebble the 3.0 to the original Pebble and Pebble Steelwithin the next few months. I still love how nice to read in these black and white devices.

But if you want a smartwatch clock that doesn’t look like one, these are probably not for you.I’m looking forward to trying the Pebble Round Team — and also see what my wife thinks of him.