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Apple justifies the rejection of apps compatible with Pebble to include “irrelevant information platform”

A developer has recently reported that the latest update of its application has been rejected by a completely new because of him who had no record so far. Apparently,the new update included the main novelty stand with Pebble , the smartwatch popular of which I have spoken at length here. Well, this seems to have been the main reason that has led Apple to reject the app.

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Specifically, it is SeaNav US , maritime navigation application that includes valuable information for masters of vessels. “We had just released the latest version of our app for iOS SeaNav US and has been rejected by Apple because it includes support LED watch with the Pebble Smartwatch and indicated in the description of the app and meta-data , ” he claimed Steve on the official forum Pebble.

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Apparently, earlier versions of SeaNav US had been approved by Apple with no problem, so the critical point seems to definitely be in the new bracket with the Pebble. The question is why? Then you attach a copy of the email that Steve has received and in which the Apple team explains the reasons for rejection of the application : In the past Apple has already rejected applications mentioned rival platforms like Android or Windows Phone.

Actually, there is something completely unheard of in the App Store, because in the past have already been reported cases of rejected applications include references to rival platforms like Android or Windows Phone. However, yes it is the first time an app is rejected as compatible with Pebble , which could clearly be because time is a clear competitor to Apple Watch.

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As shown in Cult of Mac, perhaps in the case of an error isolated by the review team apps by Apple and will be corrected in the future, although it could also be a new guideline from the arrival of Watch the market. Of course, if the company just applying such as restrictive rules, we should not expect much less to a possibleofficial support for Android Wear.