Pebble Launches New Version Of Your Smartwatch Clock And Hit Record On Kickstarter

The smartwatch clock hit your minimum value for financing in 17 minutes

The Pebble, American startup produces smartwatches, performed at theKickstarter this Tuesday (24) the new version of your smart watch. And the release was much better than expected, the company reached the minimum amount of funding for the project, $500,000 in just 17 minutes.

The Pebble team is equipped with a color screen, unlike his two predecessors, who had black and white screens. The display is covered with Gorilla Glass and stainless steel case.

The clock is 20% smaller than the previous model and slightly curved to fit more easily on the wrist of the user. The team also has a microphone, for small voice messages. The manufacturer claims that the battery should last for seven days, even with color display.

With new software and hardware, the Pebble believes he has found a solution to a recurring problem in previous versions, when dozens of notifications “they just overwhelm the little screen of the device.

Rather than force the user to go back to the initial screen of the clock every time you want to open a new application, notifications will appear in a vertical timeline, navegavel by three buttons beside the smartwatch Pebble.

The company claims that, in the future, the Pebble Team will be compatible with external accessories, such as GPS and biometric sensors. These products do not yet exist, but the manufacturer made the input plug compatible with other accessories.

The Pebble Team went on sale on Tuesday (24), only in a campaign on Kickstarter. Who buy the watch on the site in the next collective financing 31 days will pay $159 for the appliance. After this period, the watch will be sold in other channels, for $199.

The minimum value for the production of the clock, which should be released in may, was shot in just 17 minutes: $500,000.

Almost 24 hours after the launch of the campaign, the Pebble Team has raised 8 432 478 $ milhões, guaranteeing a place on the list of most profitable projects of all time in one day.

The only projects that have managed to raise more money were the console Ouya ($ 8,500,000), the card’s Oatmeal Exploding Kittens (8.7 million), the original Peeble (10 million) and the cooler Coles (13.2 million). Noting that all these projects have had over a month to receive the funding.