Orange Will Reduce Internet Speed to 32 Kbps in Their Rates of Animals

Vodafone was the first to propose months ago collecting excess data in some of its fares to speak and surf that ultimately stayed in a risky step that at least for now, will not take place even if you have had an effect on his main rivals making Movistar it reduced to 16 Kbps and now Orange announce what will happen to cut 64 to 32 Kbps if consumed traffic included at maximum speed in their rates of animals.

Será from 1 December and the changing conditions will affect the prepaid rates and contract with squirrel 7, Dolphin 12, 16 dolphin, Dolphin 25, whale 23 and whale 35 new clients and also to the present with such fees.

Saved from reducing Amena rates and those directed to connect from tablet or computer that will reduce between 64 and 128 Kbps so far.

A way to encourage users who consume more data, hire some extra bonus data for sailing at full speed and in the case of Orange is available by 500 MB additional for 5 euros, a very similar price to its competitors as detailed in our comparative rates for talk and surf.

Although with some delay, it seems that Orange is also just by applying the same methods as its competitors both with the end of the traditional subsidies that have been passed to a payment by instalments, as now with the new speed reduction.

Bad news for customers of Orange who see worsened the conditions of its mobile internet service even if they at least maintain the warranty of a fixed price against operators who charge the excess. You are that will directly affect you the new measure or on the contrary are that don’t need more data from the already included in your rate or who prefers to hire extra data before that show reduced speed?

Speed reduction that operators apply

  • Up to 128 Kbps reduce (but they can go slower): Yoigo, Carrefour mobile, navigate + and combines Ersoki and Oceans.
  • A 64 Kbps reduces: Vodafone, Movistar with extra bonus activated, Amena, Jazztel, rate Dont Worry of Happy mobile, Airis, Ion mobile, Euskaltel, RACCTel, mobilR, ONO and telecable.
  • A less than 64 Kbps: Orange will reduce to 32 Kbps, Digi Mobile also reduces to Movistar reduced to 16 Kbps and 32 Kbps.
  • Payment of the excess by default: 3 cents/MB mostly rates of Tuenti, Pepephone, Simyo, MÁSMOVIL, Happy mobile, Eroski, 2 cents/MB in mobile Republic, and 0.8 cents/MB in pure Simyo rate.