Orange Unveils Tablets to Deadlines with a New Rate of 1 GB for Nine Euros Per Month

Orange four operators with own network is Spanish the most reluctant to put an end to the tariffs which directly subsidize the acquisition of a new terminal, although with a more reduced catalogue of rates that subsidize.

And now the Orange operator gives us a new test which is the way that want to follow, with the launch of a new mobile Internet rate for tablets with which you can buy these with a payment by instalments very similar to the one of the smartphones.

The new rate for tablets of Orange is very similar to what already offer Vodafone or Telstra, with 1 GB of sailing at full speed, reduces 64 Kbps consumed included traffic, for nine euros a month. It should be noted that while the rates of 2 and 10 GB of Orange if they allow the use of 4 G is not the case of this, not compatible with LTE network operator.

Hiring either with a tablet or single SIM of this tariff involves the acquisition of a commitment to stay of 24 months so it is clearly aimed at those who buy a tablet to deadlines.

Tablets from seven euros per month

And the new rate gives rise to Orange offers tablets to deadlines. Devices that previously already congregated together with a smartphone with the whale rates or individually with other mobile Internet rates.

Now customers purchasing 1 GB tariff have access to a reduced supply of tablets using a payment similar to that already uses Vodafone for tablets. Prices start from the seven euros per month for 24 months for a seven-inch with 3G Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.