Orange Launches New Rates 4G Dismissing The Dolphin 35

With the arrival of the 4g Orange It has undertaken a reform of its fares that largely has been oriented to the increase in maximum speed data traffic included in them leaving the voice in the background although it has also partly led the disappearance of rates to be replaced by other more faces.

And after casting different versions rates compatible with 4G in coming days of new dolphin, whale and babysitting the tariff of Orange will suffer two new additions, the 25 dolphin and whale 35, leading to the exile to the Dolphin 35.

Starting at the most economical rate we find with the Dolphin 25, which will include 500 minutes fixed international and national calls in addition to 1 GB at maximum speed and 1000 SMS in Exchange for a monthly fee of 25 euros. Their incorporation will mean goodbye 23 whales, 200 minutes and 2 GB for 23 euros per month, which will be available only until October 28.

And another novelty is Whale 35, which will include Unlimited national calls In addition to fixed international in addition to 2 GB at maximum speed and 1000 SMS for 35 euros a month. In this case the fee which is descataloga is obvious, the Dolphin 35, which until now offered the same calls and included messages but with 2GB.

Rates with grants to extinguish

In addition it should be noted that you in the wake of the latest rates 25 dolphin and whale 35 also they are SIM only tariffs, incompatible with direct subsidies of terminals but with access to the catalogue of terminals paid in installments, with different initial payments each of them.

But is that also the unique rates that currently offer smartphones subsidized – Dolphin 20, 30 dolphin and whale 42 – will no longer be advertising, and can be contracted but being relegated to the background, so it would not be surprising that soon disappear giving the final farewell to subsidies the French company.

The following table summarizes how the current offer of Orange rates: