Orange Launches Go Europe, 10-Minute Calls or 5 MB for One Euro in Europe and The U.S.

With the closeness of the summer, many are those who leave our borders with fear to bills astronomical per call or use, with or without intention, your smartphone Internet connection. And in that sense Orange It presents today Go Europe, its new bonds to speak and surf abroad.

Close July 1, date in which enters into force a new compulsory price reductions on European roaming, we saw as Telstra broke its offer offering calls than the specified limit, but Orange opts for bonds not only valid for Europe but also for the U.S..

Go Europe with an Orange client will have of 10 minutes, establishment included, on calls made or received while roaming in Europe or the US may also consume by 5 MB for the same price, a euro. In case of exceeding the minutes or megabytes including starts a new bonus of a euro with 10 minutes or 5 MB.

Bonds are manual activation and only paid in case of a call or connect to the Internet, without having to pay them in case of not using them. These bonuses are valid for one calendar day to 24 hours for the prepaid and contract customers.

Profitable to call or browse

Looking at the Profitability the hiring of these bonds for the user accounts are simple. If Orange welcomes beginning July 1 the maximum prices established by the European Commission for calls and navigation in roaming only calls bonus is profitable to make calls not to receive them.

The maximum price of calls received is eight cents per minute, so 10 minutes of calls received without the bond would have a cost of 80 cents. If you make calls to consume five minutes (24 cents per minute without bonus) on a day pays off the bonus while to consume three MB (45 cents each outside bonus) is enough to get you out.

These calculations always taking into account that consumption occurs in the same calendar day or 24 hours straight and with prices for Europe, to be the highest us and therefore being easier to get these bonds profitability.

For the other areas of the world Orange also offers the possibility in Exchange for a daily euro lower by 50% the price of the minute of calls, always maintaining a call set-up euro.