Orange Introduces Its Television Multi-Device, Cloud Services and Mobile Payments

No one will want to be left behind and is that after the news yesterday presented to us Vodafone, as its new service of television, the next enlargement of their 4G coverage or payments with mobile, today was the turn to Orange, that also will bring us in the near future about how much news.

And truth be told, the French company It will put all eggs in one basket as far as services refers to the renewal of its television service, including channels in HD and access from multiple devices, the new Orange Cloud and mobile payments service.

Jean Marc Vignoles, CEO of Orange Spain, not has given us news regarding rates as if you have made Telstra but its innovations would be too them very interesting clients, on all television customers who only could access it through a television set while those of Movistar have different options.

Orange TV, multi-device and channels in HD

Few details you have given us about what will be the new Orange TV service, but what if we know promises. The service promises to reach 90% of Spanish households with high definition channels, We imagine that only for customers with fibre optics, and the most interesting, will be accessible from different devices.

Among them are mentioned Smartphones, tablets and computers What is imagined that the new Orange TV will have version accessible via a web and for different mobile operating systems. In addition will also be offered a la carte service, which we don’t know details yet.

Orange Cloud, up to 100 GB in the cloud

Another of the major innovations that have today been released is Orange Cloud to cloud storage service It will include in Dolphin, whale and babysitting rates, Although we again ignore the capacity that will be offered in each rate, though the limit will be 100 GB.

Service will be again accessible from different devices, will be available both for private clients and company and the operator ensures the maximum guarantee of security and privacy. Nothing different in principle to Vodafone Cloud, also included free of charge in some rates of the operator.

Orange Cash, prepaid card on your mobile

And while Vodafone gave us to know its own payment service with mobile with an agreement with Visa Orange would not be less with Orange Cash, with a prepaid credit card physical or installable on your mobile for which the operator has chosen as a partner to Mastercard.

Rechargeable card must be associated with a credit card and will allow to make payments and transfers online or payments in store with the physical card. They can later be the NFC mobile payments, Although this option is not enabled in its first phase.