Orange Doubles The Cost for Calling out The Included Minutes in 16 Dolphin

Flat rates bad calls from mobile operators are normally limited by a maximum of minutes (or a maximum of destinations that call when it comes to a fee with unlimited minutes) and that in case of exceed these limits on occasion, a rate applies per minute standard according to the operator that you are except in Orange which has begun to differentiate prices depending on the rate contracted.

After getting in touch with Orange, we confirm that the single price rise affects the Dolphin 16 tariff, which goes from 9 to 18 cents per minute (plus VAT and separate settlement) while the rest of rates whale, Dolphin and Kangaroo maintains it at 9 cents and whale 35 at 5 cents per minute.

A change that collides with what is often their differentiation according to rate make the competition as generally not classically it is a crucial aspect to choose operator. Be the advance to new changes or they pave the way for the? included in this tariff calls out more profitable before the end of the EU roaming rates?

If you look at the cost of the excess minutes that apply to other operators, in Movistar the cost is 18 cents per minute, in Vodafone 20 cents, Yoigo 12 cents and in the majority of MVNOs is below the 3 cents as you can see in our comparison with bonds of minutes.