Orange Continues to Add and Reached 14 Million Customers in Spain

While last week saw as Yoigo continues to grow albeit at a pace quite minor that in past times today turn to review its evolution is for Orange, It also presents positive numbers that allow you to reach its goal of being the second mobile operator by number of customers in Spain.

Orange has managed to date of 30 September to overcome the barrier of the 14 million customers, a few 12.5 million mobile and a million and a half of broadband, having added in the third quarter of the year 179,000 new customers being the operator with own network that grows more clearly.

Good times for Orange and is that despite being the operator of great that more time has stood with the direct subsidy of terminals, even maintains it certain rates but that they are in the background, He has managed to find its hollow with a wide selection of mobile rates and an interesting convergent offer.

In this way the French brand has reached 12.414.000 mobile customers at the end of the third quarter of 2013, being a 71% of them contract, the segment more interesting for operators since they tend to be customers with higher monthly consumption.

Two million of MVNO customers with your network

In addition to the own customers, remember that the figures of Orange customers include and Simyo, operator has also seen significantly increases the number of customers of virtual operators that gives service, have already surpassed the two million who will add those of Euskaltel from January.

Previous issues we have to also add the good numbers of Orange Broadband fixed, where finally exceeded the million and a half of customers thanks to the good reception that have had on the market its convergent offering, 35, 45 and 50 Babysitting rates.