Orange Can No Longer Say That Its 4G Network Is The Best Following a Complaint Lodged by Vodafone

New battle with self-control of judge who this time has won lost Orange and Vodafone. On this occasion the first complaint was motivated because the French company said to have with the best 4G network in one of their advertisements, claim that will be removed when determining it so the body which is responsible for ensuring the advertising.

Anything they have earned the allegations of Orange, that first argued in the complaint that his statement referred the network 4G in general, and not to the his own particular, is better than previous generations of networks to then report which made sure that its 4G network was the best, also rejected argument.

Resolution of self-control will satisfy to Vodafone but not of course to Orange, and is the point where the entity understands that Orange refers to its 4G network is better than the rivals when they say that it is not so, if not that compared are the 4G 3G or 2G, Affirming the “4G, 10 times faster” followed by an “upgrade already to the best network” which can be interpreted in both ways.

The best 4G network?

Determined by self-control that what is done is to establish that Orange 4G network is better that that of rivals played this operator demonstrate for what they presented a Ark Telecom report in which this company stated that Orange has more number of cities covered, better coverage indoors and faster than rivals.

Report as self-control can not be taken into account by having been submitted out of time, contains tests taken subsequently and furthermore according to Vodafone should not be considered to be written by an interested party, Since Ark is who performs the measurements of coverage for Orange.

This Orange should remove or alter advertising in order not to understand in it that has the best network 4 G. A new battle between operators, It is the first, nor will be the last, that self-control is a means to try to topple, with arguments, the advertising carried out by some and others.