Orange Begins a Market Connections of Optical Fiber to The Home of 25 and 100 Mb

If today know as Movistar lowers the price of its fiber optic connections to the home, offering 100 Mb for 29.90 euros per month for a year, Orange has responded it with the announcement of the marketing of its own FTTH connections.

After months of testing pilots from today the lucky ones residing in the District of La Vaguada, Madrid to hire two modes Internet connections fixed with Orange on the basis of the price of the same price of ADSL.

Unlike Movistar Orange offers two modes, the first with 25 down speed mb and 5 Mb of upload While the second offers 100 descent mb and 10 Mb of upload. The first is available by 15.95 euros per month during the first year while the fastest connection rises to 25.95 euros a month, although in both cases will be added the 15 euros per month for line rental.

What still unknown If the Babysitting rates will keep its price when announce with fiber-optic connections, since Orange has only given details about the product that includes only landline with unlimited calls to landlines national, 1000 minutes from fixed to mobile and 300 minutes to fixed international, as well as choice connection.

With this announcement Orange is the first big operator to have a replica to optical fibre connections to the home of Movistar, which boasts more than 95% of market in this type of connections. Yet still few are those who can hire the French brand fiber, although this promises that in the next 12 months will be 400,000 more households those who have access to its fiber.