Orange Also Activate 4G Old Dolphin and Whale Rates from 32 EUR

The Monday Orange will commercially launch its 4G network in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga and Murcia to finish the year in nine other cities such as Zaragoza, Bilbao, a Coruña, Palma de Mallorca, The Palmas, Alicante, Córdoba, Valladolid or Vigo and reach all provincial capital cities for 2014.

To access the new LTE coverage in these cities, Orange introduced new tariffs whale and Dolphin 4G from 23 euros, but most of them is not compatible with those who have tenure by a subsidized smartphone so the operator has decided to activate 4g in the former dolphin and whale from 32 EUR so that they can enjoy LTE if they had a compatible mobile.

The rates discontinued access to 4G of Orange network they are as follows:

Babysitting rates and low consumption without the possibility of access to the 4G of Orange

Against the intention of Vodafone receivable 9 euros every month in most of its fees from October by having active 4 G, Orange preferred to offer 4g free of charge but limited to certain fares leaving out the convergent offer Babysitting rates and the rates below 32 euros per month (excluding whale 23 but that is only compatible with payment by instalments) including the offer low cost

The third operator to reach Spain LTE will be Telstra ten days later and not be charged for having it active in any of its rates although the offer to sail from USB is limited at the moment at a unique rate of 9 euros per each consumed giga.