Office 365 Is Now Coming to iPhone

Microsoft Office Mobile now comes as an application for iPhone.

Users of Office 365 with an iPhone in your pocket, can soon get access to view and edit documents from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, directly on the smart phone.

Microsoft Announces that an Office Mobile app will be available in the App Store over the next week.

Get to access documents they must lie in the cloud on either the Skydrive or Skydrive Pro.

Documents that are created or edited on the phone, can subsequently be opened on your computer.

Formatting and layout is preserved, even when they have been open on the small phone screen. So in this way, the Office works on iPhone just as it does on Windows Phone.

The application is not available on the iPad. Here, Microsoft recommends using Office Web apps in series in the Safari browser.

In order to use Office 365 on the iPhone requires a subscription to Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 ProPlus.