Nokia Symbian Now Closes down

Now ending yet another era in mobile history. Nokia put Symbian in the grave.

The operating system Symbian, who in 1998 was formed as a collaboration between Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Psion, in order to provide a platform for mobiles and Pdas, is on the road with the final annihilation.

Today owns the Nokia platform, and summer comes the last Symbian phone, write our site.

In the future there must be wagered on Lumia and Asha-series. Lumia running Windows Phone while Asha is based on Series 40 system.

It takes about 22 months to get a new Symbian product on the market, while it can be done in less than a year on the Windows Phone. This was supposed to be one of the reasons to euthanize Symbian altogether.

In the first quarter of 2013 was sold 500,000 Symbian phones, while there were 5.6 million packs sold Lumia-phones with Windows Phone.

Nokia’s Danish product manager Niels Kjelstrup has previously stated that Symbian supported up to 2016.