Nikon Introduces SnapBridge

Great news for photo enthusiasts and owners of Nikon cameras. Thanks to the new official application SnapBridge, you will now be able to connect your camera to a smartphone or tablet, start the automatic backup of photos taken.

The procedure is extremely simple, all you have to do is download the application, match it to your Nikon camera supported and all photos will download automatically to your smartphone. Can also keep the pictures synced to the cloud service “Nikon Image Space”that will have them available on their home pc or any other device connected.

In addition with SnapBridge you can also control the camera remotely, framing and taking photos that will be modified and shared on social networks.

This application takes advantage of the new wireless connection system developed by Nikon, Bluetooth Low Energy technology already present in its latest cameras.

However, there are some limitations. There is the possibility of remote video recording, and videos can be synchronized only in Wi-Fi, except for AVI files which are automatically transferred. It cannot be ruled out, however, that all of this can be implemented with future updates.

The application is currently only available for the Android operating system, but in the future will be released for iOS devices.