News for Facebook Messenger

In past hours Facebook has launched a series of new server-side options for its Messenger messaging client. The first major new feature is the ability to customize the chat: we can specify a color accent, a nickname for our interlocutor and an emoji to be displayed instead of the default thumbs-up. All changes can be made by both participants in the chat, will be seen by both and will cover only the specific chat room.

News for Facebook Messenger

New products are active immediately and for all, whether on a mobile app (Android and iOS) than on the web platform; However, on the latter there are some limitations.For starters, you cannot make any changes; you will then need to switch between mobile app.In addition, although see emoji custom and the nicknames, the accent color will remain the usual blue.

It must be said that the feature was made available very recently; It might just take a little more time so that the web version you put up with apps. There are currently no questions about it.

The other big news is for now the preserve only of the USA, and is called Transportation. The service will allow to call a car or a taxi right from Messenger. The system will be accessible in two ways: through the classic menu’s to install new apps (the three dots on the bottom right toolbar) or by clicking the “Request a ride” that will appear when you now click on an address within a chat room.

For now the only partner of service is Uber, but it is expected a rapid expansion to other competitors. The service will show you in great detail the status of your vehicle, how soon arrives, details for the recognition, evaluation of your driver and so on. An idea very convenient in town; I wonder how long we will have to wait again in our country.

As we said the changes were triggered on the server side, which means you don’t need to update Messenger.

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