Motorola Announces Moto 360 Gold

For some time, the Motorola Web site a Bike 360 gold. He soon disappeared, but it was only a matter of time until it was confirmed, that finally happened: the smartwatch clock is even released in color champagne.

The official blog of the Motorola says that the Bike 360 will come in new options, in the colours light grey and gold champagne. Both will have a shorter and more narrow Bangle in 18 mm, “for people with minor or for those who want a different look.

The gray version will cost $299, and the Gold version will come out for $329. Both will be released in the US until the end of the year, still no prediction of coming to Brazil.

And as the Motorola had promised, they released a version of the Bike 360 with metal bracelet for $299, available in the colours black and grey. They are very beautiful smartwatches defined by

Ask the advice of Motorola if we will see these bracelets in Brazil, and will update the post with the answer. This week, it was released in the country the Motorcycle leather strap 360; it costs R$ 799.

My Bike and Body Design

An update of the app Connect Motorola will bring two news for all owners of the Bike 360.The first is the Bike Body that accompanies your physical activity and brings together in one place your heart rate, number of steps, distance and calories burned. You can set goals and receive messages of motivation throughout the day.

For your time, My Design allows you to customize the clock mode: you can change the pointers, the background, or use the winning design in a competition made by Motorola.

All this will arrive “in the coming days”, according to Motorola. [Official Motorola Blog]