Moto X Force and Moto 360 Sports From January in Germany to Buy

The Motorola Moto X Force and the Smartwatch Moto 360 sports come to Germany: until now, it was not even sure whether that Turbo 2 in the United States known smartphone at all in this country would find its way into the shops as droid. But now, even the release of the device with the shatterproof display Motorola confirmed.

The new sport variant of the Moto 360 Smartwatch as well as the robust Smartphone Moto X Force to January 2016 in Germany be available. The Moto X force a display characterised by, that will survive also falls from about one meter height. The screen measures 5.4 inches diagonally and displays content in QHD resolution. Also, the Smartphone includes a fast Snapdragon 810 processor, accessing 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal memory. Also the battery, which should allow a period of up to 48 hours with a charge deserves special attention. A camera that with MP take photos of images up to 21 while the camera on the front of Selfies MP 5 is located on the back.

Moto 360 sports with robust housing

The Moto available also from January 2016 360 sport is far more than just a newly designed Moto (2015) 360, is to have in this country since October 2015. By using a special display that Motorola calls “AnyLight Display”, the Smartwatch in daylight conditions much better to read should be than the basic model. In addition, the Smartwatch comes in a housing that is better Holster environmental conditions such as shock or moisture. A single charge will allow a term of one day.

When exactly both the Moto X Force as well as the Moto 360 sports in Germany will be available, communicates Motorola not yet. The company focuses on providing “In the course of January 2016”. Both products are can be purchased then through the Motorola online store and specialty shops. The Moto X Force will cost 699 euros, while the Moto will be available 360 sports from a price of $299.