Moto 360 Sports Watches

Motorola brings to Brazil the smartwatch clock your sporty: the 360 Sport Bike. The second generation of the smart brand watch arrives shortly after your submission in the United States, at the beginning of December 2015. To tell you the truth, we were hoping that he would come to the Brazilian market, because the company had already announced in a post on your blog, but we didn’t know the exact day.

We all know more or less what the sports smartwatches offer (being very clear: they are major hubs of notifications), so let’s start with that Motorola offers different in your sports model.

It comes with a built-in GPS, which can be useful to monitor the path of your race, making your watch a little less dependent on the smartphone. The bracelet is fixed and is made of silicone. The brand argues that this causes the device is more resistant to dust and sweat, however, it is not enough to be completely water proof d ´. On the other hand, is lost all the customization process, even after the purchase of the unit. This time, the user will only have the bracelet in black color.

The app Motorcycle Body will be a kind of coaching the 360 Sport Bike owner. It consists of a central physical activity information, which can also be synchronized with some physical activity, apps like Google Fit, Fitbit, MapMyRun, among others. The anylight of the device screen is: independent adapts hybrid of local lighting. In sunny environments, for example, the display gets dark background with white accents.

360 Sport bike is all sealed and his loading is done by induction

Another differentiator of the appliance is connected to the heart rate monitoring during physical activity. While most of the devices requires an active command, the Bike 360 Sport promises to inform in a chart all the time you spent in different rates of heartbeat. If this is accurate, it is possible to detect a problem of the heart, in the case of significant peaks and low heart rate.

Technical specifications of the Bike 360 Sport
System: Android Wear fabric: 1.37 inch Gorilla Glass, 3 (360 x 325 pixels)
Storage and memory: 4 GB of storage (about 3 GB useful for the user) + 512 MB RAM
Processor clock: Adreno 305 with 450 MHz GPU
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 low consumption/Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g.
Sensors: barometer, accelerometer, ambient light, gyro, haptic engine
Heart rate monitor: optical Monitor (PPG)
Strength: category IP67 — sweat and dust resistant (this is not to say that it is waterproof).
Watch case size: 45 mm diameter by 11.5 mm high
Weight: 54 g
Battery: 300 mAh

The appliance starts to be sold for $1,999 R$ still on Tuesday (19) on the company’s online store and should reach the kiosks of the brand by the end of this week. For the price, more than several appliances of own brand, which is a niche device. The company seems to prioritize users of fitness devices that sometimes have different devices to measure heart rate and monitor the distance traveled, for example. It can work (or not).

The value of the Bike 360 Sport shows the discrepancy that the dollar has caused the price of electronics. By comparison, the first Bike 360 came to Brazil R$ 799 — currently costing, cost 1,099 R$.