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The Bike 360 Sport had Brazil launch on Tuesday (19). The new watch from Motorola is a sports model of the Bike 360 , released in 2015. For those who play sports, the smartwatch clock has the advantage of the integration with the phone to perform various functions, unlike Apple Watch, for example, you need to have an iPhone around.

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According to the manufacturer, the suggested retail price is R$ 1,999, and the device is already on sale at the official store. Motorola’s idea is that people will use the360 Sport Bike companion of physical activities. To accomplish this, the clock has functions and features tailored to meet the needs of every type of athlete.

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The bracelet has silicone body and manages to absorb the sweat, with side openings to allow air circulation around the wrist. According to Motorola, the material will not fade or stain. In addition, the IP67 protection must ensure good resistance against impact and dust particles.

The 360 Sport stands out in relation to the first motor bike 360, released in 2014, due to the new integrated services, such as GPS, sensors to monitor heart rate and a native music player like Seiko reviewed by

Another highlight is the use of the Bike Body, set of tools created by the company to track athlete performance statistics. There are still monitoring distance traveled, and time of each lap. All this without having to take the smartphone with the smart watch for each race or practice. In addition to supporting native tools, the Bike 360 Sport normally works with standalone applications developed for sportsmen.

To try to circumvent a sensitive point for the smartwatches, Motorola promises a battery life all day, depending on the intensity of use. As for the design, the manufacturer explained that the rounded edges glass may facilitate the viewing of the screen from various different angles.

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It is important to remember that the 360 Sport Bike has no compatibility with theiPhone, unlike the Samsung S2 Gear, which must be supported by iOS soon. Another detail that can disappoint music fans is that the smart watch is sold without compatible Bluetooth headphones.