Microsoft Is Testing A Smart Watch Translucent Aluminum

If you’re not testing a smart watch at this point? All of the Big Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, seem to be fascinated by watches that do more than just show the hours. Family sources to the Verge and AmongTech gave more information about the supposed smart clock.

Are not the first information — in April, the Wall Street Journal said that Microsoft was working on a Microsoft smartwatch. What the two sites mentioned above reveal, now, are more specific details on the project.

According to AmongTech, the clock will have detachable bracelets that come in six colors: blue, red, yellow, black, white and gray. The watch itself is being tested from various suppliers, and it is a curious and unusual: the oxinitreto of aluminum, an expensive type of translucent aluminium which, it is estimated, is three times more resistant than glass. Close the information round the screen size (1.5 inch) and a connector compatible with the Surface.

Another change, reflecting the recent internal reorganization of Microsoft, concerns the team behind the clock. The first rumors gave that it was being developed by officials connected to the Xbox accessories; now, with the unification of hardware teams from Microsoft, to the development team that designed the Surface, Microsoft tablet with Windows 8. This may mean that, somehow, the watch exchange information with the tablet.

But it’s good to keep your feet on the ground, after all it is a prototype and, like all prototype, this can also be shelved and have your diluted technologies in other products of the House — did someone say “Courier” in the background? [AmongTech via The Verge. Photo: Tommy Chang/Flickr]