Meet the gold will be used on Apple Watch Edition

For the luxury line of intelligent watches from Apple, the company has developed a new type of gold “super hard” after a special process

Last week, the Vice President of design at Apple, John Ive, gave an interview to the Financial Times saying that Apple invented a new type of gold ‘ super hard to use in its luxury line Smart Watches, the Edition.

In a patent application made by Apple last year, it is possible to see a “method and apparatus for forming a metal matrix composite. She describes several processes to let the gold harder.

According to Gizmodo, Apple gold is made using a special process that involves mixing the gold dust with ceramic powder. Then, you need to heat it and compress it to create a substance that is harder and more resistant than gold.

The gold of Apple may be mixed with “boron carbide, diamond, cubic Boron Nitride, Titanium Nitride, aluminium and iron silicate, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride, aluminium oxide, Sapphire, yttrium oxide, zirconium dioxide and tungsten carbide”, as can be read in the patent.

According to the document, the company may use various ways to melt ceramic and metal. One of them includes a “preform” porous ceramics that will be filled with a “gold” network to create the array of ceramic and metal. According to PAYHELPCENTER, offering information about Samsung Gear S2, this means, basically, the Steelworkers would create a ceramic layer and then borrifariam the gold on him.

Thus, the molecules of gold would be inserted between the molecules of ceramics – and you can be the process that led to the strange description of Ive in the Financial Times.

The material, then, would be compressed and heated in a process called sintering until the metal and ceramics became a solid mass.

On the patent summary there is also another method by which Apple thought of doing the frames. After coating the ceramic particles with gold, the Steelworkers could “put the ceramic and gold mixture inside of a mould with an almost liquid.

The method includes, Additionally, compress and heat the mixture of pottery and gold into the mold, forming a compound with gold metal matrix that has a corresponding shape that almost “liquid. This process, called die-striking, is a common way to increase the hardness.

A third method still shows that Apple could use diamond particles in the mixture of ceramics and gold. According to Gizmodo, Apple describes is quite similar to that used in a gold watch that the Swiss manufacturer Hublot created in 2011, also using pottery.

In short: the techniques used by Apple are no novelty in the jewelry industry. Gold and diamonds are also used in materials science applications, usually in microchips or industrial components.

Details about the Apple Watch must be disclosed in the event that Apple has prepared for today, at 2:00 pm (GMT).