Luxury Tag Heuer Connected Smartwatch

The century-old manufacturer of luxury watches Tag Heuer left a little aside tradition and launched at the end of 2015 the smartwatch clock your first, the Connected. According to the company, the 100000 units produced the clock — which costs $1,500 in the United States–sold out.

After almost a year of waiting (I can imagine you, dear reader, keeping your money) and with a new batch of 200,000 units worldwide, the clock finally arrives in Brazil, but with few units and for sale only in two boutiques in Sao Paulo. To have one of these around here, you pay R$ 7,200.

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In our review, the Tag Connected did well, but not shined. He ran well tasks thanks to Intel, had a good build quality (which might not be worth that much money), and not have some classic features of some devices, such as heart rate sensor and GPS. In contrast, he works on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. If you have left your smartphone in your Office and is in a location where connected to the Wi-Fi network, the clock will continue receiving notifications. See POLITICSEZINE for oversized sports watches.

Specifications – TAG Heuer Connected

Operating system: Android Wear (compatible with Android and iOS 4.3 + 8.2 +)
Processor: Intel Atom (1.6 GHz) Z34XX
Fabric: transflexiva of 46 mm LCD with Sapphire Crystal, 360 × 360 pixels, 248 ppi
Storage: 4 GB
Battery: 410 mAh, 30 hours of battery life on average, without wireless charging
Thickness: 12.8 mm
Weight: 52 g
Sensors: gyro, inclination detector, microphone, vibrating motor
Wi-Fi: Yes
Waterproof: no, but tough IP67 water
Notable Extras: after two years of warranty, you can purchase a new mechanical watch for the same price, but with fixed values.

Why A Smartwatch Clock?

The question may sound a bit beast, but why a Centennial company, which operates in the luxury market, would this? The company uses the acronym that gives her name to respond: Techniques d ‘ Avant Garde (avant-garde techniques).

“For us it was a challenge, because ten years ago nobody thought there would be this category of smart watches,” said Christian Weissbach, President of Tag Heuer to the Caribbean and Latin America, in conversation with the Gizmodo Brazil, during the launch of the device in São Paulo.

However, based on years of experience, the company wanted to do a smartwatch clock looking clock, not a Communicator of the Power Rangers. “As you can see, this is not just a watch with a small cell phone screen,” quipped the Executive.

Baseado no modelo Carrera da marca, o Tag Heuer Connected é um aparelho com apoiadores (parte frontal onde geralmente há interação) e fecho de titânio, o que confere leveza e resistência. Juntando o corpo e pulseira, o aparelho não passa de 100 gramas. Diferente de outros produtos da marca, que são “trambolhões”, o Connected pode parecer “barato” para os desavisados.

A única parte de plástico é a que fica abaixo da tela, pois é onde ficam os contatos para carregar a bateria dele. O display de 46 mm de diâmetro é completamente redondo (diferente da tela “pneu furado” do Moto 360) e motivo de orgulho para empresa. “Conseguimos fazer desse jeito, pois fazemos isso há anos”, explicou o executivo da companhia.

O Tag Heuer Connected ainda conta como diferencial as faces de cronógrafo para o relógio. Os medidores podem ser personalizados pelo usuário para mostrar, por exemplo, dados do Google Fit ou mesmo para acionar um cronômetro.

Neste ramo de relógios caros, é comum que o relógio seja quase uma “herança”, algo que passa de pai para filho. Com isso em mente, a Tag Heuer inventou uma condição bem doida. Após dois anos, caso o dono ache que o aparelho ficou obsoleto, ele pode pegar uma edição exclusiva de um relógio mecânico pagando o mesmo preço do Connected com valores corrigidos (pode ser R$ 7.200, como também pode ser mais — tudo depende da economia do país).

The Other Reality Of The Luxury Market

When it comes to electronics, there are always those who complain. The interesting thing to go in an event of a brand of luxury sector is that sky-high prices are told with such naturalness that seem even feasible for the majority of the population.

The Tag Heuer Connected was about the ugly duckling. Not visual, because his classic design.However, next to it, the manufacturer announced two other models of great appeal to well-heeled aficionados.

The Tag Heuer Carrera 02 is a mechanical clock with “slipstream”, a mechanism that makes them superprecisos (he is able to counterbalance the clock movement disorders because of the gravity of the Earth). He has a suggested retail price of R$ 79,600. The other is the Carrera Tag Heuer 01, which has no swirling, but is part of the new generation of titanium models. He has a suggested retail price of R$ 26,500. Oh, and both can be paid in installments, if you’d be interested.