Logitech mk620 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Logitech mk620 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo

It rarely happens that you used a test product to write a blog article. Today, this is the case. I had the last few days that test wireless combo mk620 from Logitech.

Let’s start with the packaging, which often only consists of a Brown cardboard box practical shut. That man but also the purpose of a small introduction to the product can cover with the packaging, this presentation shows. Of course that inserting the batteries is not rocket science, but more beautiful than one Brown cardboard landscapes it once.

Out of the box were a mouse (M705), keyboard (K620), a USB receiver and four AA batteries on my table.

I’m starting with the Logitech M705 laser mouse. I like granted, thus partly nonsensical details such as the batteries are inserted. In mice the supplied Duracell AAs with the plus side both show to the right.

Also the button right behind the mouse wheel, with which you can regulate the resistance, is well thought out. So, I could choose between the classic Variant with the gradual click or the free rein of the mouse wheel. This is perhaps a bit hard to explain, I recommend everyone to try it out but time.

In addition has the mouse over laser tracking, what prompted me once down to regulate the sensitivity, means the reverse: the M705 is fast.

15% of the population is a plus for me a disadvantage for statistically. The mouse is ergonomically well adjusted and is comfortable in my hand, but only for right-handed. I can’t test of course also, as it is with smaller hands, but probably feels my paw.

The thumb buttons are standard unfortunately not all mice and therefore you can highlight already times praised it, especially since these are also more customizable. With me, it remains set on the keys but the standard “before” and “Back” for the Web browser.

The K620 is then still exactly what you would expect: A keyboard with special keys. The stop is pleasantly quiet and reminiscent of the flat keys a laptop keyboard, which I find very pleasant.

The mentioned special keys are partially redundant, as for example locking the screen. This works both on Windows + L and FN key + F10. But this is nothing that seriously bothers me. The K620 remains a solid Office keyboard, making chic on the desk, wants to be but no spectacular keyboard with ten thousand special functions.

All in all is “Wireless combo”, i.e. the mk620, a “you can do nothing wrong”-package what I’ll use even further.