LG G Watch: A Smartwatch Clock That Looks A Lot Like A Clock

Months after it was first announced, the LG G Watch finally got a release date: in the USA, went into presale today for $229. In Brazil, arrives in July, still no price set. I had the chance to move him for the first time. And was also the first time I saw a smart wristwatch that really works like clockwork.

The rectangular screen G Watch seems a plate compared to the recently announcedSamsung Gear Live. She is relatively flat on your wrist, and kind of try to adapt to the shape of your organic body. And makes up for it by being very light. Personally, I’m used to watches of all types, and this is definitely more comfortable than those made of metal. I could see me running through the streets behind a bus using this thing without any problem.The fact that you have a watch on your wrist will not bother at all – unless, of course, if you’re opposed to the general idea of having a watch on his wrist.

At first, the IPS screen loses a little in brightness and colors compared to Samsung’s AMOLED display, but don’t be fooled by that. As a product manager at LG told us today, screen technology of low power consumption is what gives a great advantage to the LG: it will show the hours for 36 hours straight without the battery. And if you modify the settings in the app screen G Watch, maybe I can get battery for up to four days. It’s impressive, if it’s real – and you can make this smart clock is used as a clock, which is quite important.

Unfortunately, just as in the case of the 360 Bike and Gear Live, the unit I tested ran a demo mode, so I couldn’t test Android Wear, or the overall performance of the G Watch. He shows the same climate screens, physical activities, messages and Google Now that we’ve seen before – we expect a full version to better evaluate these questions.

As one of the first Android Wear watches to hit the RELATIONSHIPSPLUS, the LG G Watch has a lot to prove, and without running a full version of the operating system, we can’t say if it will really work. But, with a few moments close to him, I think he will be able to at least prove that smartwatches are useful.