Jazztel Mobile Rates

In the web of Jazztel they are the voice of your mobile operator rates. This operator already offered in evidence the mobile internet service, and now we know further details of interest, although it’s an operator who can only sign up the current ADSL Jazztel customers.

Calls will cost 12 cents per minute, with an establishment of call of 15 cents. Text messages will also be 12 cents, and multimedia, 30 cents. Calls and international SMS will cost 45 cents, all prices excl. VAT.

As I discussed a few days ago, the price of the USB modem is of 9,95 EUR per month, and it must return to Jazztel if we low. The prices of the monthly bond data are 7.95 euros per month (250 megabytes), 18,95 EUR (1 gig), 29.95 euros (2 gigabytes) or 44,95 EUR (5 gigabytes).

Updated: The price of the mega without bonus is 20 cents and is charged in tranches of 1 MB. In addition, during this first phase customers ADSL 20MB will have free 100 megabytes monthly data.