iPhone and iPad May Soon Be Purchased Very Cheaply from United States

New trade agreement between the EU and the United States will perhaps totally eliminate customs duties on products purchased between world parts.

iPhones and other electronics products can in future be cheaper to get home from the United States, if a new free trade agreement will be in place between the EU and the United States acted.

Friday, 27 EU Ministers agreed to start negotiations that should eliminate tariff barriers between the two continents.

Being worked on to get made more simple rules, as the current can be hard to see through. Different products is coated with different customs. For example, imposes 13.9 percent tariffs on electronics products.

If the agreement is to become a reality will be products like the iPhone, the iPad and other electronic goods cheaper for consumers, since the EU yesterday after an agreement where duties completely repealed.

“I have no doubt that you can get a cheaper iPad or iPhone or similar in future”, says Trade minister Pia Olsen Dyhr to our site.

The Minister hopes that the agreement can fall into place over the course of two years, but at the same time, says that it’s probably only going to happen within three to four years.