IOS Is a Reincarnation of Windows Phone 7 and Android

After Apple’s presentation of iOS 7 drifts allegations of theft from Android and Windows Phone around the net.

Apple has with iOS 7 presented a new expression on the iPhone that is both faithful to the iPhones design style, but also brings something completely new, believe the followers.

Fans of the Windows Phone from Microsoft and Google’s Android system is far from agree that Apple has invented something new.

The website our site has posted a few screenshots from Windows Phone 7 and iOS 8 side by side. Here is a reasonably close resemblance, at least on some points.

On Twitter has @abhisahara composite images from Android and iOS 7 side-by-side. The issue is also here, how much Apple really even have invented.

Apple has usually not commenting on criticism, but so can we instead recall an interview to late Steve Jobs gave in 1994. Here he said: “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.