IOS 7 Makes Life Harder for iPhone-Twenty

When Apple releases update for iOS 7, so it is also with more protective than earlier, and life will be harder for iPhone-twenty.

In the autumn when Apple sends iOS 7-update out, so it is with a new anti-theft. IOS 7 comes with a feature called the Kill Switch, and it gives users the ability to “kill” your iOS device if it should be stolen.

The function gives you in all its simplicity the possibility that you can delete all the content on it and at the same time make it useless to the thief. You can also post a message on the front page, that does not go away again, as the thief then can read. It also means that the phone is very hard to sell on for thief.

There will be, according to police inspector Arne Wissing from Station City, about stolen 10 iPhones a day alone in Copenhagen. The police will therefore also look forward to the new feature is ready, as they expect it will have a preventive effect. It writes our site.

Maybe hackers will continue to persuade, to access the “killed” iOS devices again, but the majority will not be able to.

Gets the owner of the stolen iPhone again, so it may be reactivated only by the use of the right Apple ID and password.