IOS 7 Gives Hint about the Next iPhone

With the unveiling of iOS 7 at WWDC, Apple also revealed some details about the next iPhone may have.

Since Apple last week unveiled the next release of iOS, they may also revealed details about the next iPhone.

Apple knows all too well that they must keep details about new products very close to the body, if they are not rocketed to around the world on various tech sites.

Therefore, it is not much we even have heard about the next generation iPhone, which is expected later this year.

But with the presentation of the iOS 7, Apple may yet revealed a bit of the upcoming iPhone and perhaps also the iPad.

By looking more closely at functions and features supported in iOS 7, can we get a hint about the new features in the upcoming devices.

According to our site supports iOS 7 video recording at 60 frames per second. “Standard” on smartphones has otherwise been 30 frames per second.

It can, according to tech-site help to provide more fluid video and be a big advantage of the slow-motion footage.