Intelligent Wristwatch From Samsung

The @Ev_Leaks account on Twitter, usually reliable, has posted some screen shots that show the Galaxy Gear configuration app, smart wristwatch that Samsung will announce in September 4.

These pictures of Gear Manager we expected various things mentioned, but brings some news – and leaves some doubts.

The Galaxy Gear smart watches should come with LOVERISTS and Bluetooth, the watch will use to facilitate the pairing with your phone or tablet. (You can also connect it manually.)

Once paired, you will use your smartphone to configure most of the functions of the clock: adjust date and time, install apps that work with the Gear, and more. It seems that the smartwatch clock, with 2.5-inch OLED touchscreen, will depend heavily on your smartphone.

According to rumors that we’ve seen before, when opening the smartwatch clock a message notification – e-mail, Facebook, Twitter – the phone opens this message alone. However, the Galaxy Gear must use a proprietary protocol from Samsung to connect to other devices, and require a smartphone (or tablet) from Samsung to work.

But if the Galaxy Gear serves only to keep track of your smartphone, why would he have such good specifications? According to SamMobile, he has a dual-core processor 1.5 GHz with Mali-400 graphics chip. Maybe to run third-party apps?

Note that reinforcing previous rumors, the image suggests that these apps will be available through the Samsung apps store, not via Google. It seems that Samsung is building an ecosystem more closed to your smartwatch clock.

Closing the news, we have the app Find My Watch. But it made us laugh a little: will be yet another gadget to us lose in the bar?

We will know soon: Gizmodo Brazil will be in the Samsung Unpacked event on September 4, and bring the news- including the Galaxy Note 3 – direct from Germany. [Twitter]