Inateck USB Hub Driver

Macitynet tests Inateck FE2007, case that transforms into external drive any HDD and SSD 2.5 “and adds a HUB with USB 3.

You have replaced the old disk to magnetic plates on your Mac with a faster SSD? Don’t throw it if it still works, because you can still use

it. How? Just buy an enclosure as the Inateck FE2007that our staff has tested in recent weeks, useful for turning any 2.5 “disk in an external harddrive, maybe for a backup of files with Time Machine and, in the specific case, but also add three additional USB ports to your computer thanks to the integrated HUB defined by bestitude.

The Inateck FE2007 is sold together with the USB cable to connect to your computer and any other power cord that, according to our tests, is useful on rare occasions. The housing is completely made of plastic good quality, just as it is good the quality of the USB connector for connecting the drive to the computer and the ON/OFF button. Great HUB USB Sockets, are solid and well built.

As far as we are concerned, we bought because we decided to replace the disk in magnetic plates of our old MacBook Pro mid 2010 with an SSD performance. In this case, we opted for a Crucial from 120 GB as well best Kingston, on this particular machine, can create problems. Furthermore this Mac has a 3 Gbps controller and not fully exploit the speed of newer SSD. However, we didn’t want to give up the old 250 GB hard drive, still fully functional, and continued to use it as a backup disk files with Time Machine.