IMDb, All The Movies on Your Mobile

If I had to meet with a few websites of all that there is on the Internet, without hesitation one it would be. IMDb. On this website, if not remember belonging to Amazon, you can find information of all the movies and TV series that have existed. It is of course a website of reference in this regard.

Of course, they have a website for mobile, so they don’t have to put up with everything from a normal web. However this type of websites are rather limited. That is why I was encouraged to try for the first time the official implementation of IMDb, and the truth, I was very pleased.

The application provides a clean interface to the content that is there on the Internet. You can perform searches by people, movies, series, etc, and then it provides us all information in a compact way that is expanding, as we are pressing the different sections, in new screens. I.e., it is a very go by pressing on the screen and the button back application.

After much use, I have come to the conclusion that it is better even than the desktop web. First because the whole load very fast and fluid. Secondly, because the information is going to appear as we go by pressing the different sections. At a glance we can see everything, and have no information to the view that does not interest us. And third, for its initial screen with a higher carousel of the most popular films of the moment, Android Market style, but gently.

Ultimately, it is the perfect example of how should be made to an application that is really a gateway to a service that is already on the web. And, true, all translated into Spanish and free.