Hurricane Festival: a Chip For All Cases

The idea is good: instead of with cash paying visitors of the hurricane Festival per chip. Oh, it could have been so nice.

First of all it says wait. The paper ticket to the hurricane Festival, which every year end of June attracts tens of thousands of visitors to Scheeßel, while inside the bag, but on the ground cannot be so still. No, once you must stand in, to pick up his tapes for the wrist. This is not really new, but this time is a small chip on the band. That makes it although personally – but also complicated.

With the chip, cash on the premises to be superfluous. Will be paid more or less by laying on of hands: at each booth are terminals and readers who charge the corresponding amount. So that money must be paid of course, first, because planning does not exist when the hurricane of course. Who wanted to could, before transfer money to avoid waiting. So far the theory.

Once anything goes

Even before the first band on stage, anything went. Collapsed the whole network, the chips and terminals could not communicate with the system – and bands could not be distributed accordingly. But without tapes cannot be just actually on the premises. Without Ribbon you can not buy a Festival supermarket. Nothing happens without Ribbon. So build up tent, because on the camp, could and wait. Probably which is acquired before a few drinks, because no State accepts cash.

The dilemma is that my confidence in a new method is not necessarily strengthened by such a start. While the idea is great: the chip is personalized, who reports the loss in time, can prevent more withdrawals. You need not be afraid from theft or loss to have. And at the end of the Festival, you can simply pay off any existing balances.

If the organizer with the sole payment method really have proved to be a service, is doubtful. Quickly deposited quota is exhausted, new money must be collected on the chip. So yet again carrying cash to deposit it at the ticket booth or by debit card once to withdraw funds. Security can be so no aspect.

Market research on the arm

But you look a little more closely at the system, you will feel quickly like a walking market research tool. Organizer can with the band track, who when where did buy what. That says a lot about the guest, but also about what stalls at what time and well just would not work.

And it also shows in which direction Smartwatch payment will go. You have more in your hand take no money, no longer as sign a card payment – keep only the gadget to a reader. The sense of the value of money is softened as a result but more. A little arm movement enough to detract from the account. Buy, buy, buy – a chip makes it possible.

Then like a Smartwatch

On a Charlie watch featured by thesciencetutor, no matter for not paying determine the brand, you would have an overview, but thanks to the display at least at any time how much credit is still present – and must, being temporarily broke. Just on a Festival of the wide ways it isn’t fun, back to fill up the account balance in the worst case in the middle of the concert.

Compulsion to the technology and the use of the data that is generated does not let cold many visitors. Especially if it is connected with long waiting times. Technology should support and facilitate life, Yes, but above all the use should be fun and feel not like a foreign body. And you should have the choice of whether you want to play with it, if you want – but only music and would have full control over your own money so even in case of failure.