Huawei Watch for Kids

In recent months, we have seen a very large amount of smart watches were launched. In relation to features, there’s not much difference between one and the other.

What differentiates the great wearable as Huawei Watch is the luxury aspect, as if it were a jewel. But the gold/silver premium finishes come at a higher price, compared to other Android devices Wear.

What is it?

A smartwatch clock round with the Android platform Wear that is more beautiful than other Android smartwatches Wear. It costs from $350, and can reach $800 if you want the Gold version.

Why is it important?

The Android software Wear comes improving over time, but the design of the hardware did not follow this evolution. Smart Watches face an interesting challenge of design. A nice watch can be the difference between a person really use it or leave it stored in a closet of old gadgets.

Huawei is also a step behind other companies in smartwatches-this is the first attempt in a market that many other manufacturers already operate, some of which are already on version 2.0 or higher. So despite your different design on the outside, internally it can still be seen as an experiment.


The Huawei Watch does not attempt to be a common or a Swatch smartwatch clock disguised as anything. He doesn’t try to hide that is a computerized watch.

But just as the circular smartwatch clock pioneer who was the Bike 360, the Huawei Watch has a rounded design that will satisfy people to the point that they cannot just ignore you because of your looks. For me, the Huawei Watch is a smartwatch clock much nicer than any other I have seen.

In comparison with the new Bike 360 (right), he has a larger body, which brings advantages that transcend aesthetic issues. Thicker edges and the absence of an ambient light sensor allow the watch face has 360 degrees.

Despite the name Bike 360, Motorola had to make some sacrifices to create a frame design Superfine. This includes the “flat tire” that has a banner at the bottom.  Based on ALLUNITCONVERTERS, the Huawei Kids Watch doesn’t have that.

In relation to the 360-degree screen, she succeeds in a point that is often painful in many gadgets – you can read everything that appears on it even under sunlight.

On the other hand, the Watch uses charging pins with a magnetic support it. Don’t miss this support-find a replacement can be difficult. There is also a heart rate monitor, which works very well, even if there is a thick layer of fur between the sensor and the arm.


OK, here we go: the Huawei Watch is cute enough for you to consider using it. But how actually use it? What can differentiate really a smartwatch clock from another is battery life, but in this regard the Huawei Watch ends up doing more or less what others offer.

Unless you use constantly, the battery hold little more than a day with a single recharge.Think of something like 30 hours of use, on average. Not even close to the several days that a Pebble can handle it, but if you want a AMOLED screen and heart rate sensor, it’s hard to imagine that a battery hold a week – at least not for now.

A smartwatch clock is a reflection of your software, and Huawei Watch, therefore, is a luxury model for Android Wear. Fortunately, the system has improved considerably since the tested for the first time last year-he’s more powerful and easy to use.

For example, Google Maps is a much more complete when application allows navigation directions follow directly from the smartwatch clock. Or, there’s a new gesture that allows you to Browse notifications by rotating the wrist. There is also support for emojis! Oh, and it works with the iPhone. All these news are good in theory, but I rarely use those things.

Android Wear is still a useful platform to read text messages, tweets, and direct e-mail on your wrist. Maybe you look at the clock once in a while to be sure to check how many steps, or to view the result of your game time. At this point, the Huawei Watch is quite useful, but far from essential. I ended up turning off the notifications completely in half the time.

I liked

Is a very beautiful jewelry that is also a computer.

I didn’t like

It starts at $350, with a leather strap. Change the options of metal or gold finish, and the price on the prohibitive levels.

There is no option of automatic adjustment of brightness of the screen. This means that you need to enter in the settings and manually adjust when necessary, which ends up increasing the battery consumption.

Should I buy?

For the price charged out there, it’s difficult to recommend, considering that there are cheaper options: the new Bike 360, for example, costs between $300 and $430. But the Apple Watch opened a precedent – people are willing to pay good money for a smartwatch clock, and Huawei will follow these steps.

But we’re not talking about Apple: Android has a lot of other options, and Huawei Watch is among the most expensive of all. The only thing new here is a subtle but significant decision, design.

Maybe the price drop over time. Then, if you want to watch more beautiful with Wear, Huawei Android Watch must be your best option.

Technical specifications

Operating system: Android Wear 1.3
CPU: 400 Snapdragon (1.2 GHz)
Fabric: 1.4 inch AMOLED
Resolution: 400 × 400
Pixels per inch: 286 ppi
Memory: 512 MB
Storage: 4 GB
Battery: 300 mAh
Thickness: 11.3 mm
Wireless charger: No
Wi-Fi: Yes
Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, barometer
Waterproof: No
Price: $350-$ 800