How To Use Keyboard Shortcuts On Your iPhone Or Android Mobile

Do you want to be more effective when you use your mobile? Like this you can write faster!

Keyboard shortcuts on your mobile

Although our mobiles are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and even though we use them every day and over all, it’s still harder to read on a mobile phone than on a computer or a laptop. But there are some solutions …

Keyboard shortcuts can help you write easier.

Write more easily with keyboard shortcuts

Our mobiles are, of course, been much more practical than before, but they are in fact not ideal: it is still hard to type on a mobile. It can be difficult to hit the small keys, and the mobile screens are small. But we write yet very every day – an average person writes both SMS and e-mails, and uses mobile keyboard several times a day. Remember that you can write easier and faster – and keyboard shortcuts is one of the ways to do it.

How do you use keyboard shortcuts on an Android smart phone?

It depends on your model and Android version, but usually just go to Settings > Language and data > Personal glossary. You will see a plus sign (probably in the upper right corner) – press it, and type the word or phrase you want to be show up when you enter a shortcut. Type the shortcut in the “Shortcut” box. When you are finished, you just go back and use it. Simply:)

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How to create keyboard shortcuts on iPhone, iPad or on another iOS device?

At iOS, it is a little different, but it is generally quite easy to create shortcuts. You must go to Settings General > > Keyboard > Shortcuts. Press the plus sign, enter the phrase or words you want to be show up when you enter the shortcut, and then type the shortcut itself (a word or a spelling combination that will make to your new shortcut pops up). When you’re done, then tap Save.

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