How to Set Up a Android Tablet (or Smartphone) for the First Time

You’ve been spoiled and you have received a new smartphone or Android Tablet? Before you can have fun with and install all your favorite apps, you are asked a first configuration. How does it work? Follow the AndroidPIT guide and everything will be fine.

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If each phone is different, particularly because of the various manufacturers, the first implementation of your device is generally the same for all smartphones and tablets, for the simple reason that they all use Android.

You may therefore some changes or variations in our tutorial, but nothing serious.

  1. Insert the SIM card and your PIN code

It is not necessary to insert a SIM card in your device to use it. However, if the long-term objective is to use for phone duties, better insert the card from the beginning to avoid settings later.

  1. Choose your language

First step: the choice of language. Remember that you can change the language at any time from your settings.

  1. Choose a WiFi network

The second step is your WiFi network. If you don’t have a connection at the time of your configuration, don’t worry, you can always skip this step. However, a WiFi network will be necessary for some settings, we will see later.

  1. Sign up for Google / Gmail, or use your existing account

It is not mandatory. However, most devices are dependent almost entirely on your Google account: e-mail, Play Store, Gallery… You will always have at one time or another to use a Google account. If you do not, creating an account takes only a few minutes.

Attention however to note your password and email address for not to forget, so well set up your password recovery to avoid stuck.

Some manufacturers such as Samsung can ask the registration if you want to create an additional account. This is necessary if you want some special services, you can skip this step if you wish.

  1. Sign in to other services

Many smartphones come with pre-installed software, such as storage such as Dropbox, Box or Google Drive services. If you use these services, you can connect with your existing accounts:

  • Go into settings, then accounts
  • Choose the type of account you want to add
  • Follow the required steps

You can also simply click on the application in question that will be asked to identify you.

Simpler still, if this isn’t your first smartphone you can reset the applications you used on the old via the restore procedure.

If you use online storage yet, I advise you: This allows to have a few gigabytes of extra space, which is particularly handy when your device memory is not expandable via microSD. More allows you a backup and instant access to your data online, instantly, without the need to have your smartphone in hand.  Read Pauldigo for how to choose a Android tablet.

6 Download apps from the Google Store

Your configuration is complete, and many smartphones have small tutorials allowing you to get used to your device, or to access certain content. You may want to install applications in particular: you will need to use the Google Play Store.

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If the shortcut does not exist on your main screen, go to your app drawer (which allows you to see all the applications on your device) to find the icon of the Store: a green, red, yellow and orange triangle.

The Store allows you to download apps, free and paid, but also music, movies and books. It is a kind of giant bookseller online.

  • Download the Google Play Store: latest version updated

To install the applications, search for its name in the search bar, and then click install. Google Play will guide you and show you what access the application requires.

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7 Customize Your smartphone or Tablet

Your Android device is up to you: make it your own! It’s time to have fun! And, above all, you make life easier. When you install a new application, remember to check if she has no incessant notifications that will thrill your smartphone every 10 minutes. You never forget that the purpose of a smartphone or a Tablet is not to shut as soon as a Facebook notification arrives!