How to Protect a USB Drive from Virus

USB drives are initially used to store data but in the hands of a bad guy, they can also become true public dangers. Passing from one computer to another, they can especially spread malware that will allow hackers to steal your personal data. Some may even completely FRY your computer.

The famous case of USB drive filled with malware distributed in boxes to the letters of the Australian town of Pakenham real greater awareness will be triggered. For many of us, connect to his computer a USB whose provenance is unknown may appear to be a real aberration, some would not hesitate to do it without blinking, the risk to deliver their personal data to some illustrious.

USB sticks, sponges to malware

Two years ago, the Sophos security company highlighted the existence of a significant name of “Bad USB” security flaw to infect any computer using a USB device. Simply reprogram the firmware which then will leave the door open to viruses. For a hacker, it’s easy as pie!

Once the device is connected to the computer, it is immediately infected, even if it is off. It is then possible to spy on everything that is entered from the keyboard, including passwords.Needless to say from here, hack your accounts is a breeze. An example among many other because ultimately any what hacker is able to install malware on a USB key. Then just make sure it can happen up to your PC and the famous case of mailboxes proves that at this level there, just a little imagination.

All USB drives are dangerous because we believe them harmless

If an object such as a USB drive can be dangerous, it is precisely because we do not suspect.Use of antivirus and tons of software to protect against malware as long suspecting that a USB key can be a true Trojan horse alone. Their omnipresence in the computer world encourages us to trust them without thinking. Yet, just that a key has been infected deliberately or not so she spreads then viruses and malware within all the machines it will be then connected.

In addition, computer security issues are always related to internet. Avoid visiting some websites deemed dangerous, we use firewalls, we are careful to not click on a link in an email without checking its origin. These precautions are of course essential, but are they really enough? The answer is no!

How to protect?

Common sense would simply avoid using a USB drive which we know not where. It is the most effective solution. But assuming that the key in question had been referred by a person or a company to trust and that we consider that there is no distrust, what? Imagine, for example, your USB has been used in the computer of a friend or a public PC infected with a malware that you know, how do you know if it represents a danger?

Fortunately, there are software to scan the USB drive. We have selected two. Keep in mind that your vigilance remains the most effective of all the protections.

USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security is a multifunction tool that will allow you to protect you in real-time from the USB devices connected to your machine. It will first scan to verify that they contain no malware, it will then prevent the USB key to copy your data. In its limited release, it is free, but a version with all the features will cost you the sum of $ 55.

BitDefender USB Immunizer

Most of time, the spread of a malware or data theft occurs when when the content on the key program runs automatically as soon as it is connected to your machine because of the presence of a file named autorun.inf, is also where the whole problem. Reason why the companyBitDefender has designed a tool by the name of USB Immunizer whose mission will be to immunize your device against the files autorun.inf malicious by creating his own which cannot be modified or deleted.