How to Make Screenshots from Your Mobile without Using The SDK with ShootMe

Before starting I would like to thank Naruedyoh which is who provided the track in the comments of our guide for making screenshots through the Android SDK.

As it is to be expected, we Xataka Android editors need a means by which to make screenshots easily in our devices to do the analysis in applications that you then enjoy. I, clumsy me, could not properly install the Android SDK which is necessary for the two guides that we have in this blog because of problems with the drivers USB so I decided to try the application that said us Naruedyoh, ShootMe.

ShootMe is an application that can be found in the Android Market and that incredibly is free, you will allow us, through sounds or movements of the device, do screen captures at the moment you want. It is logical that ShootMe use that way so strange for catches since usually all buttons perform some action determined in any application in which we are and want to photograph.

Simple and necessary configurations

This application has the peculiarity that while we are making catches, stays in the background, consuming the minimum resources, helping a convenience of use of the same.

If we go to the section on options we see that neither too many nor are missing, it is what we would call a balance in perspective. At first we find the switch options that we also in the beginning of the application, with which you can switch between its two or three forms, we will see why this later.

The Auto Hide It is very useful at the same time disconcerting if you remember that you have activated since it gives you the feeling that there has been an unexpected closure of the application. When activated, it automatically hide the interface and we will send to the desktop quickly so that we start to perform the tasks that you want to register from the beginning.

Other options are linked with the recording quality, codecs to be used for the same, Framerates, which will more or less heavy the videos, and the activation or deactivation of the sound of a photo when we perform a capture to know that we have done it.

Everything has a but

This simple but valuable application did not escape my buts because that time I state using it have detected four disadvantages. The first and most obvious since the same developers alert you to tear it off, is that We need to be root from your mobile phone to use it. If you don’t know what being root we have Guide, and if you want to root your phone, we teach you how also. Something easy to fix, but that not everyone interested.

The second is the ruling at the time of detection when we need a screenshot, which does not always work in any of its two modes. That fails and with difference is which uses the accelerometer (Shake), Since there were times that I was practically beating the phone and still didn’t catch (this may be due also to that I have a Magic and does not shoot at all), and even much wiggle, took me with landscape screen capture since it had detected that it was the same, chaos will.

In the mode Audio (Shout), I have had almost zero problems except when the microphone not picked the right tone. There are times that I have tried everything so take the screenshot, blowing, whistling, talking next to the microphone, although it always fails sooner or later ends up ignoring you.

As a third fault we have the fact that skips the Bullfighter Some textures in areas of the interface that are mobile, as changes by eyelashes that does not detect well or areas with scrolls. I this detail I’ve solved giving a little wiggle to the area in which I wanted to capture, i.e. If you are with a scroll, do not make him the photo on the spot, download it and upload it a little to make a mess, not the same with the tabs.

The last judgment, although it may be more my cluelessness than anything else, is that with the Mobile connected to the PC USB does not you save captures, imagine my face when I realize the detail after making a full report to an application & #8230;

And for the best there is more

More can ask you for an app like ShootMe? because to record videos, Yes, you read correctly since ShootMe will activate a third option of capture for devices that support it (based on a8/neon), we assume that it will be those in which its developers have checked that working properly, in my dictionary or I put it to me.

For the current version, the creators are running that audio recording is not available because it is still in development. In addition to devices with light sensor, You can use it instead of the wiggle (Shake) or whistle (Shout) for the realization of catches.

Speaking poorly and quickly, to my ShootMe It is saving me the ass with respect to catches for items in Xataka Android, and I think that you I will continue using it for quite some time since I do not see an alternative more easily and with better quality on the horizon.