How To Get Text Messages Back, As Is Accidentally Deleted From Your iPhone

You have deleted all of your old text messages, and then you realize that you actually need some of them or them all. Don’t be fear, for you can recover deleted messages from your iPhone. You can do it without having to do anything more sophisticated than to restore them from backup. In the worst case, you can get those messages back using a third app. Here are two ways from you can restore deleted text messages on iPhone:

How To Get Text Messages Back, As Is Accidentally Deleted From Your iPhone

iPhone backup
Restore deleted messages on iPhone: from iCloud

If at any time you have backed up anything on your iPhone over iCloud or iTunes, you should be able to restore iPhone messages from the backup. If you have disabled automatic syncing in iTunes, you should have a backup in the Middle every time you sync with your PC or Mac. Unfortunately can not back up Sms iCloud in all countries. If the following doesn’t work (which is a shame, because it’s the best SMS backup), you should just go to step 2 to move forward.

Log in to with your Apple ID and password
Click on text messages
Search in messages to find the ones you need.
Go to your iPhone and select Settings – iCloud
Turn off text messages from (or make sure they are turned off).
You will see a pop-up. Select: “Keep on My iPhone”.
Now activate text messages.
Press the ‘ Merge ‘, and wait. After some minutes it will deleted text messages appear on your iPhone.

Restore deleted texts on iPhone: from iTunes

You should not worry if the above did not work. Let’s try to recover deleted text messages via an iTunes backup.
Connect your iPhone to PC and iTunes should then open it (if not, open it manually).
You should see your iPhone in a box at the top right. Select the, as well as “restore backup”
All the data you have backed up will now replace the data that is on the phone. It will take a few minutes. Then should SMS messages could be seen on the phone.

Recover music, pictures, WhatsApp messages and other content from a backup

If you acquire a new iOS device, or want to solve a problem by rehabilitating the main content on the iPhone, so you can restore it from a backup copy. It can be done in several ways, but the easiest way to do this is when your device is connected to a computer that has iTunes via USB cable:

Connect your iPhone to the computer that has the backup
This computer must have the latest version of iTunes
Select Archive > Units > restore from backup

How to restore you, among other things, images and videos in camera roll, ringtones, app data, device settings, and so on.

If you previously backed up your iPhone using iTunes or iCloud, it will also be possible to download WhatsApp-conversations, restore your iPhone from a backup.

How to recover text messages without backup

If you have never taken a backup of your iPhone, so it is harder to restore the contents, but do not panic – here we have explained how to recover text messages on the iPhone without backup.